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In-Box Review
Mother and Daughter
Mother and Daughter, Civilian Set #1
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by: Andrzej Snigorski [ ENDRJU007 ]

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Historicus Forma


Adalbertus offers two-figure resin set showing mother and daughter walking along village fence. It is first 1:35 civilian set offered by this company. Figures and base were sculpted by Maciej Dauksza and painted for cover art by Wojciech Bułhak.

The Figures

The kit shows woman walking and carrying tinplate bucket while balancing with her left hand. She wears cardigan and knee long skirt. Her hair is covered by headscarf. She also wears tights or stockings and ankle high shoes.

Right behind her runs her daughter holding on to mothers skirt with a left hand. Girl seems to be about five years old. She holds her doll with her right hand carrying it close to herself. Girl is dressed in knee long skirt or dress and coat of the same length. Her hair is also covered with headscarf and only two braids are visible. She wears tights and ankle high shoes just like her mother.

Both figures may represent European villager civilians from almost whole XX century, from 1920s even to modern times.

Figures stand on small oval base showing village road and small wooden fence with clay pot hanged on it. Vegetation shown on cover-art is not included.

The Kit

Kit is packed in hard cardboard box with cover-art and company name on it. Inside the box there is plastic zip-bag with all parts. No additional protection is used.

No assembly and painting instruction is attached except for the picture of painted figures placed on a box.

Kit includes:
- motherís body (head, torso, legs)
- motherís right arm
- motherís left arm
- bucket (without handle)
- daughterís body (without let arm)
- daughterís left arm
- fence
- pot
- base

Detailing and quality

Parts are made of pale resin. Figures are well sculpted but some details are simplified. Details require heavy cleaning due to flash and seam lines. Daughter figure may cause some difficulties because itís attached to block with her head and very heavy cleaning will be necessary. Girls left arm is sculpted in rather crudely but itís very small and some delicate work with file should improve the effect.
Surfaces are smooth and apart from few areas that require additional cleaning no faults were spotted.

Fitting is very good and parts match to each other perfectly.

During fitting check [sic!] womanís leg broke in half. It happened because of presence of bubble of diameter almost equal to legís radius. Second bubble was spotted on fingers of the left hand of woman.

Poses of both figures are lifelike, cloths have natural look as well. Womanís left hand could have been sculpted more clearly.

Lack of bucketís handle (at least in my kit) will require some additional work.


Nice 1:35 set that may be nice stand alone vignette or may be used as part of bigger diorama.
Great idea of situation is partially outshined by pouring quality Ė amount of flash is really big and figures need serious cleaning. Presence of bubbles may cause unexpected problems.
In comparison to other companiesí offers and actual quality this kit is also not cheap.

Highs: Very good idea, nice poses, useful situation for bigger diorama. Good fitting
Lows: A lot of flesh to clean. Bubbles are present. Lack of bucketís handle. Price.
Verdict: Nice scene, very useful for XXc dioramas but too expensive if you take the quality under consideration.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: ADB35004
  Suggested Retail: 16,50Ä
  Related Link: Company page
  PUBLISHED: Jul 09, 2010

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