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In-Box Review
Fallschimjager 1/9 Bust

by: Mark Bannerman [ 2112 ]

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Historicus Forma

I have just received Warrior’s 1/9th resin bust of a Fallschimjager WA9062. This is a first for me on two levels – a Warrior’s bust and a scuplted figure by John Rosengrant’s. The bust is absolutely huge and the detail is just incredible. The bust is comprised of a torso, two separate arms, head, gas mask and machine gun in three sections – all cast in yellow resin.

The torso alone is bristling with details and while these details are not necessarily evident at first glance, a quick light spray of white primer will bring all of those hidden details right out. The belt buckle is a piece of work on its own ! The belting and straps are very well executed. The only caution is that the body is attached to a rather large plug but this can be sawed off with a jeweler’s saw in about 2 minute.

The arms are a very good fit – ensure to align the fitter-plugs to get a perfect fit. There won’t be any need for filler as there are no gaps - the parts fit perfectly and flush. The right arm comes with a gloved hand already attached as is the rear section of the machine gun. The way it was designed may require that the arm be glued on after the machine gun is painted.

The head is an absolute gem and my favourite part of this whole kit – the face is so well done with matching size eye-sockets, defined nose, excellent details around the mouth and nose. The molded-on eyebrows brings a ferocious look to this bust. This will be a joy to paint !

Other details included in the kit are the gas mask cannister complete with straps and buckles, a clip and the front barrel section of the machine gun with the left gloved hand gripping the barrel portion.

With a little time invested in clean-up, this will be an easy build and a really fun paint project with a splinter camo scheme as depicted by Chris Mrosko on the box art.

This is one project I really must attempt. A very nicely presented bust full of details and highly recommended.

This is a 7.5 out of 10. [Ed. Note: I had to round up as we have only full numbers]
A very nicely presented John Rosengrant bust full of details
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:9
  Mfg. ID: WA9062
  Suggested Retail: 34.95
  Related Link: Order direct from VLS
  PUBLISHED: Sep 23, 2004

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