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Built Review
Neustrashimyy ('Yastreb')
Neustrashimyy ('Yastreb') Multi-role Frigate
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by: David J. Salvin [ DJANDJ ]

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Model Shipwrights

This MSW Full build review is of Combrig models 1/700 scale Neustrashimy class frigate, Project 1154 Yastreb (Hawk).

The Ship

The Russian Frigate Neustrashimyy - meaning fearless

Displacement: 4,250 tons full load

Dimensions: 129.63 x 15.6 x 8.09 meters/425.3 x 51.2 x 26.5 feet

Propulsion: COGAG: 2 M70 cruise gas turbines, 20,000 shp, 2 M90 boost gas turbines, 37,000 shp; 2 shafts, 57,000 shp, 30 knots

Crew: 210

Radar: MR-760 Fregat-MA/Top Plate 3-D air search

Sonar: Zvezda-1 suite with MGK-345 Bronza/Ox Yoke hull mounted LF, Ox Tail LF VDS

Fire Control: MR-352 Pozitiv/Cross Dome SSM targeting, MR-360 Podkat/Cross Sword SAM control

EW: Vympel-R2 suite with Foot Ball intercept, Half Hat-B intercept, Cage Flask intercept, Bell Squat jammer, 2 PK-16 decoy RL, 8 PK-10 decoy RK

Aviation: aft helicopter deck and hangar for 1 Ka-26/26/27 series helicopter

Armament: provision for 8 Kh-35/SS-N-25 Uran/Switchblade SSM, 4 Kinzhal VLS systems (32 9M-330/SA-N-9 Gauntlet SAM), 1 100mm/70cal DP, 2 CADS-N-1/Kortik CIWS systems (64 9M-311/SA-N-11 Grison SAM; 1 dual 30 mm CIWS per mount (4 CIWS guns total)), 6 21 inch torpedo tubes (12 torpedoes and/or RPK-6/SS-N-16 Vodopod/Stallion ASROC)

Concept/Program: A new, modern, relatively heavily armed multirole frigate design. Primarily intended as an ASW ship, but provision for modern SSMs allows ASuW role; the SSMs, however, were not fitted at completion, probably due to funding problems. Design incorporates some stealth features. Completed 1989 but not commissioned until 1993. Originally meant as a successor to the much smaller (1000 ton) 'Grisha' class, but the design grew and they have essentially become successors to the 'Krivak' line. Only one unit completed; two others started but scrapped incomplete.

Classification: Probably Storozkevoy Korabl' (SKR); Patrol Ship.

Builders: Yantar Zavod 820, Kaliningrad, Russia.

The Kit

Combrig brings us a relatively nice 1/700 version of this relatively rare Russian Frigate. The casting was crisp and free of most over pour and flashing. As with the bulk of resin kits on the market today, the hull comes almost completely formed up through the lower bridge.

This kit has only one piece of the bridge to install as well as the helicopter deck to complete the major construction. This makes airbrushing the starkly contrasting red decks and dark grey vertical structures challenging to tape of and get just right. I purposely attempted to bring the red decks up onto the superstructure (at least on the weather deck) as that is how the real ships are painted.

The resin parts are well done and fit together well. Like most of the resin kits, the small parts suffer for not being on sprue as they usually are damaged prior to opening the box. This kit is no exception. Here the Hormone helicopter and many of the smaller parts were either damaged are destroyed.

The photo-etch

The PE in this kit is unusual in that it is too thick for the railings and too thin for the extensive radar towers. The two radar towers are the most delicate I have yet encountered. It is fortunate that Com Brig includes two PE frets so that you have two of all the PE parts.

This is virtually necessary as the PE is so thin and the towers so complicated and fragile that damage to one or more of the parts is virtually guaranteed mainly because the platforms rather than being solid are done in a gossamer mesh. This means that anything glued on top of those platforms is necessarily weak.

Adding to the problems is the fact that the instructions call for the wrong numbers as reflected on the frets and in fact that picture of the PE fret included on the instructions are not the same. (Kind of a problem) Further, the all-important rear radar tower mast comes in two parts (both numbered 23 in the instructions but not on the fret) and in the instructions the part appears to be four sided so the builder can just fold it into a square.

However, in reality, the tower part is only three sided so if you fold it, it turns into a triangle. So the second fret piece has to be cut apart and the fourth side of the tower is made. Given the relative thinness of the PE here, this is equivalent to neurosurgery.

The Instructions

Here, the single page pictogram instructions fail the builder as many of the parts are too small to make out and not numbered in the instructions, and for some operations, there is no mention of them in the instructions. Such is the case for the bridge windows.

The resin kit has no window details for the main bridge windows, however, the PE frets have several wide ladders which can be used to make the windows when bent and applied horizontally along the bridge. This is not mentioned in the instructions.

The Build

Pretty much OOB, except I was able to substitute the weather deck railings and helo deck netting PE pieces from the Lion Roar modern Soviet Warship set. These are much thinner and more realistic than the Com Brig railings. However, I did use the included railings for the upper decks as they were pre-cut to size. However, these railings donít have the bottom rail normally used for attachment to the deck.. These are attached at the stanchion posts, and it makes the operation very delicate as the railings are only held on by very small amounts of glue. (CA for some and Gator Glue for others)
This MSW Full build review is of Combrig models 1/700 scale Neustrashimy class frigate, Project 1154 Yastreb (Hawk).
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  Scale: 1:700
  Mfg. ID: 70328
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  PUBLISHED: Sep 11, 2010

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