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In-Box Review
Beauty and the Bot
Beauty and the Bot
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by: Al LaFleche [ AJLAFLECHE ]

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Historicus Forma

I ordered Beauty and the Bot directly from Studio McVey on 4 October and it arrived 9 days later. The kit arrived in a padded envelope. It was boxed in a two piece clear green plastic box. In the box, the parts were in a zip lock bad surrounded by bubble wrap. Also included is a certificate indicating the number of the run for the kit. It has been limited to 750 castings.

Photos of the parts viewed on the computer screen show no mold lines. There are no assembly or painting instructions but none are needed. Parts placement is quite obvious and the subject matter leaves the painter free to choose any colors desired.

The robot is sculpted in a very art nouveau style with panels suggesting muscular human anatomy. His head has a single cyclopean lens/sensor in the middle of the face and a suggestion of a mouth. It is “looking down” at the woman it is carrying. The robot is comprised of 5 parts: head, lower arms, lower left leg and torso. It stands about 55mm tall. Attachment points are small nubs and receptacles’. The only clean up appears to be at the neck on both the head and torso where there are tiny pour plug remnants. There is a small locator plug under the right foot.

The woman is sculpted as one piece and wears an evening or dressing gown, suggestively fallen off her right shoulder. She is, however, demurely covered to keep the Comics Code Authority at bay. Her eyes are closed…no need to try pupils and irises on this face! Anatomy is quite well rendered on this smallish, but well endowed, figure. There is a small pour plug at the base of her spine.

The kit comes with a round resin stepped base with interesting sculpting along the edges. There is another round plastic base, similar to those found in gaming pieces.

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Highs: Excellent casting, unique and eye catching subject, prompt delivery.
Lows: The price seems a bit high, but it is a limited edition and there are essentially two figures.
Verdict: A neat addition to a figure collection, especially if one is old enough to remember those fabulous comics of the 50’s.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: 13
  Suggested Retail: (aaprox) $32.00
  Related Link: Studio McVey
  PUBLISHED: Oct 17, 2010

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Thanks for the review, Al. I've been waiting for this one
OCT 17, 2010 - 10:21 AM
Thanks for the review Al, Studio McVey figures are really something special. I'm happy to say we'll soon have more reviews of this miniature range here at HFM. Mario
OCT 17, 2010 - 08:47 PM

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