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In-Box Review
WW2 British Tommy, 1944
WW2 British Tommy, 1944
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British Tommy, 1944 (120mm) sculpted by Pete Morton is the first release from Foxwood Figures. New to the market, Foxwood Figures based in Somerset, offers modellers something just a little bit different: a combination of newly commissioned figures and full reproductions of figures from past companies that have ceased trading.

The Box

The figure comes in your standard small cardboard box. Opening the box you reveal a perfectly packed kit with all the hallmarks you expect from figures of this quality.

The Kit

The quality of casting is excellent. The figure is cast in a cream resin which is very easy on the eye. Although there are the usual blocks from the casting process there does not appear to be much clean up required.
The pose of this figure is superb, and conveys a real sense of confidence in the body language which is synonymous of photographs of British Infantry during the early days of the Normandy campaign following the D-Day landings.

  • The Torso
    The torso and legs are cast as one piece minimizing both clean up and build time. The sculpting is of a very high standard and all details are both beautifully rendered and historically perfect. The complex webbing system which was used by the British army is superbly detailed with all of the correct components in place.
    The Ammunition Bandolier and Bayonet Frog are moulded in place reducing construction time and also minimizing the stress of aligning fiddly Bandoliers. The quality of sculpting here is again superb. There addition of a camouflaged scarf is a nice touch completing the look.

  • Arms and Head
    The arms are excellently sculpted and include the Regimental title, Division patch and Rank insignia. The arm of service has not been sculpted but can be easily added if you so wish. This does not detract from the detail of the highest quality.
    The head is wonderful; the helmet has been moulded in place. The detail again is excellent the chin strap and liner have been sculpted saving on extra detailing work during construction. The helmet net and camouflage scrim add to the effect, however the most important aspect of the head is the slant of the helmet which is so synonymous of the British Tommy.The facial expression is fantastic, wonderfully cast. The face manages convey confidence, concern and fatigue all to be expected from a soldier landing in Normandy.

  • Equipment
    The equipment included is atypical of British Tommy. Namely: Haversack, Canteen, Ammunition Pouches, Entrenching Tool and Pick Axe. These are all cast as lovely individual pieces. The quality is excellent and again all the correct detail is there. All the pieces have been sculpted to nicely fit into place on the completed figure without any need for adjustment.

  • Rifle
    The rifle is the MKIV Lee Enfield, the detail here is brilliant all the correct components are visible and the weapon is shaped perfectly. There is no sling included but one can be easily made from paper or foil, this does not detract from the quality of this kit.


    In conclusion, this figure is of excellent quality and immense attention to detail. Pete Mortonís sculpting is perfect, the figure has a brilliant pose so synonymous of 1944 photos of British Infantry. The casting is of the highest quality in a smooth cream coloured resin. Look out for future releases from this new kid on the block as like this one they will be a must have.
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    Highs: Excellent pose, great sculpting, superb casting.
    Lows: No sling, but easily made.
    Verdict: Excellent kit from a new company with a great philosophy. Looking forward to more of Foxwood Figures great releases.
    Percentage Rating
      Scale: 1:16
      Suggested Retail: £36.50
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      PUBLISHED: Dec 23, 2010
      NATIONALITY: United Kingdom
      THIS REVIEWER: 95.67%
      MAKER/PUBLISHER: 96.00%

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