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In-Box Review
Banzai! Charging Japanese Infantry

by: Mark Bannerman [ 2112 ]

Originally published on:
Historicus Forma

Warrior's has released yet another multi-figure set similar to their earlier release depicting a US Marine stretcher party. This time round, Warriors has produced a set of four charging Japanese infantrymen.

The box contains four running infantrymen and also provides a resin base. All four figures are differently sculpted. As I have mentioned before, manufacturers all too often depict same posed figures in a multi-figure set using the same body parts. In this set, each figure is unique and individualized. All figures are cast in a vanilla colored resin, and each figure comes with separate arms, head, rifle and bayonet. Some minor clean up of flash is required. Any flash is quickly removed with the rub an old toothbrush.

The detail on each figure is exquisite and the folds and accessory details being very well renditioned. The heads are particularly nice in this set and the facial expressions are extremely well done. The figures look Asian ! The kit also comes with a piece of foil to form a flag.

I particularly like the one figure which has just been hit-in-his-tracks and the pose is right on with one knee up high and head thrown back. It is possible to slightly modify the head and arms on this particular figure to a number of animated poses. I am thinking of an infantryman mounted on a tank, foot resting on an open hatch and waving a flag.

While two of the figures are charging with full bayonette and rifle, the fourth figure is charging with his sword up high and ready to swing down. A very animated and a terriric instant-vignette by Warriors.

The only disappointment in the contents of the package is the resin base. The base is quite basic and I tend to think it would be easier to simply make or buy a wooden base to accommodate a potentially colourful vignette decked out with low vegetation.

This is yet another offering by one of my favorite sculptors – Bill Chilstrom - and I always enjoy his animated full-action figures. Chris Mrosko’s painting rendition for the box art is very nicely executed as well.

Yet again, a very appealing offering for both the novice and experienced painter alike.

I rate this with an 8 out of 10.

~ Mark Bannerman

A very appealing offering for both the novice and experienced painter alike.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: WA35549
  Suggested Retail: 49.95 USD
  Related Link: Purchase at ModelMecca (VLS)
  PUBLISHED: Oct 30, 2004
  NATIONALITY: Japan / 日本

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