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Anti Laser Coating Sticker
Sticker for Simulating Anti Reflection Coating Lens
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by: Seb Viale [ SEB43 ]

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Modern vehicles have periscopes for vision purposes, but due to harsh conditions on the modern battlefield and in order to give protection to the crew, these lenses are coated with a special film. These protective layers are coated within the glass and on top of it. The final appearance of the film is typical for liquid crystal pigments. The color change with the viewing angle is a smooth transition which is normally gold to red. These special coatings are applied on the glass in order to give extra protection to the crew's eyes from a strong laser beam.

AFV Club has just released the most awaited item for the modern vehicle modeler. A rapid and simple solution to depict the anti laser coating found on the modern vehicles' periscopes.


In order to tackle this particular feature, modelers have come up with different solutions: using Kodak film, party confetti, etc...
Also, paints have been tried by playing around with the transparent proprieties of the AFV periscopes by varying the amount and type of paint used.
Alcad paint also have a special product in their range. But usually, the final appearance of these techniques are unconvincing.

AFV Club's solution is rather simple, it is sticker. You pull it off the backing paper and stick it on the periscope... and Voila!

The optical effect is pretty convincing and the color change is similar to the 1:1 product. The color is blue with a 90 degree viewing angle and the color sequence is as follows while reducing the viewing angle: orange, red, gold and finally blue. This color change is better rendered in the video as still photos just don't do it justice.


The kit contains enough stickers to decorate 5 ICV Strykers. You can also decorate the RV version as well as the MGS. It is designed for the AFV Club line, but you can use it for all kind of Strykers as well as other modern vehicles.
Highly recommended.
Highs: Outstanding optical appearance, easy to use and can be used in other vehicles as well as the Stryker.
Lows: None.
Verdict: Must have.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: AC35011
  Suggested Retail: na
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  PUBLISHED: Mar 19, 2011
  NATIONALITY: United States

Our Thanks to AFV Club!
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About Seb Viale (seb43)

Back to Europe, I am living in Paris since december 2011 with my Wife. We have a nice 6 years old daughter, and a 3 years Baby boy. I am doing AFV modern era. I started when I was a teenager , back to business after 10 years of break due to Sport (Baseball, yes european plays baseball) and Unive...

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A very interesting product that looks as if it will do exactly what it is supposed to do. I would have thought it would be better just sold as sheets for people to cut to size at home and then they would shift a lot more of it quickly.
MAR 19, 2011 - 04:42 AM
Solid sheets accompanied by templates for popular sizes would have been a very good way to go.
MAR 19, 2011 - 05:02 AM
This product looks very good, but I also agree with Darren and Jeremy ... a sheet for self-cutting would be useful for every modern armour project .. not only AFV Club products. Hasegawa offers some self sticking sheets called polarize finish TF901 and hologram finish TF14 - they also may be a option for modern armour optics. Thanks to AFV for the product and Seb for the review. cheers Walter
MAR 19, 2011 - 09:26 PM
Unfortunally sold out for weeks already at the Asian shops where you can get them for a reasonable price...
MAR 20, 2011 - 03:16 AM
Thanks Guys
MAR 20, 2011 - 09:29 AM

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