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In-Box Review
Solid disc camo stencil
LW35080 Stencil - WWII German camouflage, solid disc pattern
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by: Roman [ BIZARRE ]

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Alliance Model Works surprises again and again. This time they release a number of 1/35 stencils for painting German WWII vehicles. The full range includes products for solid (Hetzers, Hummel, StuG IV) and hollow (Panthers, Jagdpanzers) disk camouflage as well as camouflage for Sturmtiger and Bergepanzer III. Armorama is very happy to provide firsthand information on one of these products.

The contents

The set comes in a usual AMW package. Inside there are 3 steel frets and one colored sheet of instruction.

The review

The 3 stainless steel frets are placed between a film and each has 5 big stencils with disc pattern as well as 2 mottle patterns and various small elements of disc camouflage. Please note that unlike other AMW products you need to cut out the stencils from the sprues. The discs have different sizes so you can definitely make a pattern according to the desired reference image. In addition there are one-disc stencils so you can use them to make your own pattern with a masking tape or preferred material.

The usage of the stencils is pretty straight forward as you can see from my sample images (I did it according to the example from the instruction sheet). First I applied my yellow base coat, after that I used a mottle pattern stencil with brown paint, and then several disk stencils with different camouflage colors (green and brown). The result looks very convincing to me even without 100% correct colors. I just took for the review approximate shades of yellow, green and brown.


I think it is a great set for those who want a solid disc camouflage on a model but were always afraid to make a stencil from masking tape. Moreover, it will save you a lot of time since it is a ready-to-use solution. Just plan the layers well and your model will stand out at the show.
Highs: Relatively easy-to-use approach to get an effective solid disc camouflage.
Lows: Mottle pattern stencils are smaller than the other.
Verdict: Very highly recommended.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: LW35080
  Suggested Retail: 22 USD
  Related Link: Manufacturers product link
  PUBLISHED: Oct 11, 2011

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