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In-Box Review
Soviet Infantry, 1942 (#2)
Soviet Infantry, 1942 (#2)
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by: Mario Matijasic [ MAKI ]

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Historicus Forma


Tank is a Russian company specialized in producing high quality resin figures and accessories in 1/35 scale. The company offers a wide range of Soviet WW2 figure sets and this review deals with their Soviet Infantry 1942 #2 (T-35018) set.


The figures arrived safely packed in a very sturdy cardboard box featuring painted box art picture. All the parts are contained in zip-lock bags; one bag with resin pieces for each figure. Upon closer inspection, the parts look really good; molded in grey resin, they are completely clean of any casting imperfections... I did not find any air-bubbles or seam lines. Perfect! Casting plugs are intelligently placed on kit parts, allowing easy clean up with minimal chance of damaging the detail. Besides that, most of the plugs are attached to kit pieces on places that are not going to be visible once the figures are fully assembled. However, be careful when removing the delicate weapons from their carriers.

The kit includes two figures and 22 resin pieces altogether.

Figure #1 consists of 10 parts:
- full body with torso and legs
- left arm
- right arm
- head
- helmet
- weapon with both hands attached
- weapon ammo drum
- equipment (drum pouch, canteen and entrenching tool)

Figure #2 consists of 12 parts:
- full body with torso and legs
- left arm
- right arm
- head (2x)
- helmet
- weapon with left hand attached
- equipment (2 ammo pouches, canteen, entrenching tool and bayonet)

The figures represent Soviet Infantry soldiers in action poses. One is running with its PPSh-41 ready, while the other is reloading its Mosin-Nagant rifle. Both figures are wearing standard early war Soviet M35 uniform. The uniform consists of a tunic, breeches, pilotka, belt and black combat boots. M35 shirt tunic, often referred to as 'gymnastiorka' features two upper chest pockets, collar tabs and hidden button front. The tunic has reinforced patches at the elbow area. M35 breeches, which were called 'sharovari', have the same diamond-shaped pointed reinforced patch around the knees. The pilotka was the typical headgear used by most Soviet soldiers at the time and one of the heads supplied in this set is wearing pilotka cap. Two other heads in the set are sculpted wearing M40 helmet. A part of the uniform was also the belt for enlisted men, where further gear like ammo pouches, canteen and the like were attached to. Regular infantry were issued two pouches for their Nagant ammunition, or one drum magazine pouch. The canteen was usually worn in a canvas bag attached to the belt. Every regular soldier was also issued an entrenching tool, which was carried in a small leather cover that was attached to the soldier's belt with two slopes at the top. One of the figures carries gasmask bag, which was often used for personal gear or further ammunition instead.
The figures are sculpted in the highest possible standard; all the details on the uniform and equipment are beautifully rendered and accurately reproduced. The face sculpts are very nice as well, with facial details well defined.


I'm a big fan of Tank figures. The company employs a really talented sculptor and the figures Tank produces are sculpted with a good sense of human anatomy and posed very naturally as well. This figure set is no exception... perfectly cast with loads of details on the accurately reproduced uniforms and equipment, these figures capture the look of Soviet WW2 Infantry really well.

Thanks to Matej of Hobi Tank Shop for this review sample.
Highs: Well sculpted and perfectly cast, this figure set features accurately reproduced uniform and equipment with loads of details. The figures should prove ideal for an early WW2 Soviet diorama.
Lows: No lows that I can find for this set.
Verdict: Highly recommended.
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: T-35018
  Related Link: Tank website
  PUBLISHED: Mar 24, 2012

Our Thanks to Hobi Tank Shop!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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