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In-Box Review
Contrast and Desaturation sets
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by: Darren Baker [ CMOT ]

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The list of companies now offering their own version of colour modulation sets for vehicles that are painted in just one colour has been joined by Lifecolor. Lifecolor has released two contrast and desaturation sets aimed at the World War Two German armoured fighting vehicle. The two sets are;
German AFV Panzergrau
German AFV Dunkelgelb


Both of these sets from Lifecolor consist of three colours which are provided in a small card box.
The German AFV Dunkelgelb consists of;
UA 249 Dunkelgelb flash shade
UA 250 Dunkelgelb ground colour
UA 251 Dunkelgelb deep shade

The German AFV Panzergrau consists of;
UA 252 Panzergrau flashed shade
UA 253 Panzergrau ground colour
UA254 Panzergrau deep shade


The three paints in each of these sets are acrylic and each pot contains 22ml of paint. The paints are packaged in a card box which makes suggestions for use on one side followed by paint information on another in Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, English, and Russian.

The paint in these sets is very well pigmented with the exception of UA 249 Dunkelgelb flash shade, however that will only be an issue when brush painted due to the thinness of that particular paint. When airbrushed the other paints in these two sets will need to be thinned as they are thicker than UA 249 Dunkelgelb flash shade, I know that these paints can be thinned with water but I would always recommend that the thinner designed specifically for these paints is used.

The contrast in colours may be a shock to you at first especially when first applied as the wet paint colour concerned me greatly, however as the colours cure the darker shades look the part to me. The lighter colour in both sets is such a strong contrast to the base colour that they do cause me concerns but careful blending and application should achieve the desired colour variations as supplied with much larger variations in colour available from other manufacturers.


The colours included in these two sets are excellent as regards the darker colours but I have reservations about the lighter colour included in each set due to the stark contrast in them. However I suspect that with careful application and by mixing the colours rather than being used straight from the bottle pleasing results could be achieved especially if applied via an airbrush rather than a paint brush.

Highs: Unlike the other paint sets from LifeColor that I have applied with a brush these provide much better coverage suggesting that they have more pigment in them and that they will go further when thinned.
Lows: A low if it can be considered such is that these paint sets will perform best when thinned and applied via an airbrush.
Verdict: These paints provide an affordable way for the modeller to attempt the colour modulation effect that has become so popular of late.
  Scale: 1:1
  Mfg. ID: MS01 and MS02
  Suggested Retail: 8.45 per set
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  PUBLISHED: Sep 30, 2012

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