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In-Box Review
German SS Private

by: Engin Kayral [ GRAYWOLF ]

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Historicus Forma

80001 German SS Private kit includes a 80 mm. resin World War II German figure in standing pose. Though the figure is offered as an SS Private, the standardization on German combat equipment and similarity on field uniforms give the modeler options to paint it as a Wehrmacht or Luftwaffe field division soldier.

The figure comes in Think One Eighty Studios standard clear plastic clamshell container with a coloured label inside. The label shows the figure painted by Craig Whitaker ( aka mongo_mel in Armorama ) and can be used as a painting guide. The backside of the label has smaller photos of the painted figure from 3 different angles. Small parts are contained in a zip bag.

The boxart artist Craig Whitaker posted in progress photos to Figure Forum during his painting process and they can be seen in the following links;

German infantryman in primer

German infantryman progress No.1

German infantryman progress No.2

German infantryman finished photos

The figure is sculpted by Jeff Meckley ( aka Holycow in Armorama ) and made up of 7 light cream resin parts. Casting of all parts is clean and crisp. A quick clean up with sandpaper is required for the slightly visible molding lines between legs and left side of the figure.

The main part is the head, torso, arms and legs cast in one piece. The head is molded with helmet chin straps and facial details are fine. He wears an early type grey field blouse, trousers (painted in M44 pea dot pattern in boxart) and boots with anklets. Uniform details like fabric folds, side pockets, buttons,out folded sleeves and SS emroidered eagle arm patch are well defined. Belt buckle, Y-strap webbings with D-rings,M1911 cartridge pouches and Haversack (Breadbag) on the right hip also have noticeable detailing.

Other parts are;

  • M 35/40 Steel helmet
  • M 31 field flask (canteen) with drinking cup
  • M 31 mess kit (cook pot)
  • Left hand
  • Right hand with rifle ; the standard shoulder weapon of Germany Army; Mauser 7.92 mm. Kar98k carbine. It is molded very clean in good details.
  • Gunstrap for Kar98


Good molding quality , ease on clean and assembly, strong posing, nice details and pleasure of painting a quite big figure. I think German SS Private is a good figure that many modelers will like to have one on shelf.

Highly Recommended

Thanks to Think One Eighty Studios for providing the kit.
Think One Eighty Studios became popular in a short period with sublime 1/35 scale Modern US OIF figures and new 1/48 scale German figures, but one of the first releases of the company also worths to pay attention.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: Other
  Mfg. ID: 80001
  Suggested Retail: 23.98 USD
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  PUBLISHED: Apr 29, 2005

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