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Built Review
Polish Winged Hussar

by: Ray [ RAYW ]

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Historicus Forma

This kit, from Alpha Image, has been available for quite awhile. It is the only 120mm Winged Hussar that I know of, and as a modeler with a fascination for cavalry it was a must have. I must say I was not too disappointed.

What’s Inside
The kit comes well stocked for a full build. A brass rod and copper foil is provided for the lance and flag. A small chain is also provided for the mouth bit. The kit components are well sculpted and well cast. The sheer number of components is a little intimidating to the modeler who may be accustomed to simpler figures. A color picture is also provided for reference.

I treated this kit like several smaller, individual kits. I approached it like I was building a vignette and not a single figure.

The Horse
This is one of the best sculpted horses I have seen in awhile. The pose is very animated and it went together well. The horse halves were off a bit and had a slight gap. This was easily fixed with a little Milliput and a wet brush. The neck/head piece had a slight gap as well which I fixed in a similar fashion. The ears were broken on my particular kit so I sculpted new ones with my trusty Milliput.

Once the horse was assembled, it was time to paint. Here is where I ran into the most frustrating thing with this model. I couldn't get any primer or paint to adhere to the model! I washed it with soap and water, I lightly sanded it and still no joy. My suspicion was there was a mold release agent present that was my bane. I first primed with Warhammer white primer. It dried then flaked off. I airbrushed Humbrol enamels with the same result. I tried brush painting acrylics and the paint just pooled off. It was very frustrating. Imagine, I had this beautiful figure and I couldn't paint it! It got to the point where I put the kit away for several years. A fellow modeler suggested I use auto primer. I tried it and lo and behold it stuck!! I was back in business! I then proceeded to paint the horse a dapple grey. I will be submitting a full article on painting horses a little later so I won't go into detail on how it was painted.

Once I finished the horse I put it aside. I found the casting for the mouth bit too brittle to clean up and take off the mold so I replaced it with a wire bit that I made myself.

The Rider
Like the horse, the rider was well sculpted. The expression on the face was nicely animated and a pleasure to paint. There was a slightly larger gap for the right arm which again I fixed with Milliput. The hands seemed a little small for the figure but not to the point where they looked totally out of place. The head fit very well to the torso. I had the same problem with painting as I had with the horse but my favorite new primer took care of that. The rider was a straight forward build with no real issues. The spurs, like the horse bit, were too small and brittle to use so I replaced them with ones I made from sprue and wire, using the kit piece as a master.

The Wings
Each wing is comprised of 48 or so individual feathers. I took each off the sprue, cleaned the flash off, and painted them. Once each feather was completed I attached them to the back braces. Once dry I attached the wings to the figure.

As I mentioned earlier, the kit comes with a brass rod and copper foil for the lance and flag. I quickly realized that it was too heavy for the figure and wouldn't balance right. In hindsight I should have realized this and should have drilled a hole through the hand for better attachment. I also removed the small connector rod on the lance and drilled a deep hole. I made a wooden dowel from a toothpick and connected it to the lance. I then used this to connect to the hand to give it some stability. It worked and the lance balanced out. I then attached the figure to the horse and it all fit together very well.

Once completed, I must say I felt very pleased with my Polish Winged Hussar and am proud to have it on my shelf. The only real issue was the mold release agent. This may frustrate many a modeler, especially after spending $140 US which is not in everybody's budget.

After all is said and done though, I look at my Hussar in my den and say "What the heck", and am glad it is there :)

If you’re a 120mm Cavalry nut like me then you will be pleased with this kit. It is a very advanced kit and once started be prepared for a stimulating build to say the least. Kudos goes to Alpha Image Model Workshop for providing us with this beautiful kit.
The kit is a very nice build. Because of the many parts involved with this figure, I would suggest it for advanced modelers. The issue with the inability for primer and paint to adhere to the resin was very frustrating and I suspect my kit had a mold release agent.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 120mm
  Mfg. ID: W12006
  Suggested Retail: $140.00 US
  Related Link: Alpha Image Model Workshop
  PUBLISHED: May 04, 2005

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