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In-Box Review
U.S. Infanty, Section/Platoon
U.S. Infanty, Section/Platoon Leader, Normandy, June 1944
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by: Kevin Brant [ SGTRAM ]

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On June 6, 1944 thousands of Allied troops stormed onto the beaches of Normandy, France. Among them, landing on three beaches were the United States Infantry. Like most military organization, soldiers are grouped into sections, platoons, companies, and so on, and each level must have some sort of leadership. It was the responsibility of the section/platoon leaders to ensure soldiers followed orders and met objectives passed down from higher command.


Recently, Manta Figurines has released an U.S. Infantry Section/Platoon Leader in 1/35 scale. The figure represents a soldier that landed on the beaches in Normandy and fought their way across France. The section/platoon leader figure comes in a standing position, holding a Thompson MG and pointing directions to his troops. The figure is excellently cast, with no visible casting bubbles and no flash, but there is a seam line from the casting process that will need to be cleaned up.
The separate parts included are:
  • The body
  • Left arm
  • Right Arm holding Thompson MG
  • 2 Helmets (one with netting, one without netting)
  • Head
  • Canteen
  • Knife in scabbard
  • Knife and scabbard separate
  • 2 Grenades
  • Shovel (in pouch)
  • 2 Small Ammunition Pouches

The standing pose looks realistic for a section/platoon leader giving out orders to a unit moving in combat, with an almost walking appearance. The figures looks to be wearing the M41 short jacket with rank and unit insignia area on both arms that is raised, but no detail with in the mark. This will require a steady hand when painting or aftermarket decals. The pants look to be the standard issue of the time, but I do believe there should be a pleat in the cargo pocket. On the body itself, there is a small pack which is molded on as is the ammunition pouch for the Thompson MG magazines. The cast Thompson in the right hand looks naturally held, and is cast with great detail.

As for the included, the netting on the helmet is very fine, and looks very realistic. The accessories include both a knife in scabbard and out, not sure why, but both are very well done. The rest of the accessories are very well done, with excellent casting. It should be noted that some of the detail is very fine and small, and care will be needed to ensure the carpet monster does not feed on it.


Overall this is a great looking figure, very well cast and posed. The figure would look great leading a group of soldiers in a diorama or on its own on a small vignette. With the fine details and excellent castings, this figure from Manta is highly recommended.
Highs: Great casting, realistic pose
Lows: Raised insignia details on sleeves may be difficult to deal with.
Verdict: Great figure, highly recommended
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: 35-04
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  PUBLISHED: May 15, 2013
  NATIONALITY: United States

Our Thanks to Manta Figurines!
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About Kevin Brant (SgtRam)

I am an IT Consultant and father, with a passion for plastic models. I mostly prefer 1/35 Armor and 1/48 Aircraft. My main interests are anything Canadian, as well as WW2 German and British Armor and Aircraft. I have been building models since I was a young kid, got away from it for awhile, but r...

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Just to pick a nit and its tough to tell from the photos but if this figure is a Platoon Leader then he should be a Lieutenant, therefore no rank on the arms. Also a Division patch should only be worn on one sleeve.
MAY 14, 2013 - 04:13 PM
Euh, that were only TWO beaches... And TWO British and one Canadian.
MAY 16, 2013 - 11:12 AM
Actually there was a little-known third US beach. The invasion barges made a wrong turn at Albaquerque and landed at Pizmo Beach. (Or was that Bugs Bunny?)
MAY 17, 2013 - 08:01 AM

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