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In-Box Review
M-20 Stowage Set
M-20 Stowage Set
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by: Rick Cooper [ CLOVIS899 ]

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So you just finished a lovely little M-20 and you want to dress it up with a nice pile of stowage and you don’t know where to turn. Well, friend, you are in luck. Riding hard out of the east, all the way from Korea, comes Legend Productions with just what you need in terms of M-20 and American WWII stowage. And just guess how many pieces of stowage you get? No, not twenty, not thirty, you think forty? Try again; that’s right, over fifty pieces of gorgeous resin stowage! Call now; operators are standing by.


Please excuse the cheesy advertisement script, but I think you get the picture with that alone. Legend Productions from Korea has recently released a set of stowage for the M-20 Armored Utility car in 1/35 scale, kit # LF1265. The stowage pieces are all cast in a high quality light gray resin. I saw no evident pin holes or air bubbles in any of the pieces. There were a couple of thin pieces that appear to have been broken before they got to me, the muzzle end of the Thompson, one of the entrenching tool handles, and one of the fingers from the gas can carrying handle (in fairness, they give you three handles for the two cans included)

Legend supplies you with 58 different pieces (by my count) which break down as follows: 23 bags, tarps, bed rolls, duffles, and other soft sided stowage. Also, a further 33 pieces of items such as gas cans, ammo cans, oil cans, helmets, commo wire, canteens, buckets, along with other hard sided type materials (even an open ammo can filled with apples!). Besides that you get two of what I term conglomerate pieces; one smaller with three bags together in one casting, and one much larger pile of equipment that includes large canvas rolls, ammo cans, helmet, camouflage netting, tent or shelter bags, and an ammo crate. The large pile is molded to fit on the rear upper deck of the vehicle. This large piece is clearly the highlight of the entire set, not only for the utility of having everything done with an extremely natural ‘sit’ but Legend has molded the piece with a very sturdy carrier sprue which will insure that the piece is not damaged or short poured out of the mold.

While the set is clearly intended for the M-20 from either Tamiya, Italeri, or perhaps even Monogram, other than the large rear deck molding everything else in the set could be easily adapted for use on any WWII American vehicle. Besides that there are many pieces that would be appropriate for any Allied vehicles as well.


Highly recommended, this set while listed as M20 stowage could be used to ‘load up’ several vehicles before you started to run out of resin. That, along with the beautiful large rear deck casting should ensure that this will become a popular set with builders of US and Allied WWII armor.
Highs: Large one piece casting intended for the upper rear deck is a superb addition. The majority of the remainder of the pieces can be used on virtually any US as well as a number of Allied vehicles.
Lows: Nothing as far as I can see.
Verdict: Highly recommended. This set will go a long way to really dress up an M-20.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:35
  Mfg. ID: LF1265
  Suggested Retail: $25.10
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  PUBLISHED: Aug 16, 2013
  NATIONALITY: United States

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About Rick Cooper (clovis899)

I have been modeling for about 30 years now. Once upon a time in another century I owned my own hobby shop; way more work than it was worth. I tip my opti-visor to those who make a real living at it. Mainly build armor these days but I keep working at figures, planes and the occasional ship.

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Nice! I like these Legend stowage sets, they really give you a lot of resin to work with... and should load up the M20 well. Thanks for the review! Mario PS Dave, wasn't this review item provided by Legend Productions?
AUG 16, 2013 - 03:04 AM
Thanks for the review Rick! It looks like a lot of these stowage items could be placed on other vehicles as well (ie. Sherman?). What are your thoughts on that?
AUG 19, 2013 - 11:43 AM
Sweet! Just finished an M-20 (Just for grins) and this stoage will really set the build apart from the straight build that it is. I will be ordering this set ASAP.
AUG 20, 2013 - 12:36 AM

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