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In-Box Review
SS Panzer Commander (Kharkov 1943)

by: Nathan Phelps [ PORKCHOP ]

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Historicus Forma

S&T Products has released two new german tankers in winter garb in 120MM. One is a tank commander, while the other is a crewman in a relaxed sitting pose. They can be purchased togehter or as indivdual figures. I chose the latter. The package for the combined purchase shows the figures in the Tiger I turret hatches. No doubt a nice accessory for your motorized Tamiya Tiger (hey you spent that much.... why not spend more!!!). This is an in-box review.


What You Get
I bought the tank commander figure. This is a pretty straight forward kit. The torso, legs and head are all molded as one piece. The commanders earphones are molded to his head. The figure is wearing white winter coveralls which are nicely molded. No major seams or sink holes were apparent in my copy.

He is holding binoculars in his right hand. S&T provides two arms: one is for the standing figure while the other is holding the cupola rail for placement in the Tiger or another tank. A quick test fit here showed that the arms fit pretty well, but will need a little putty. And I do mean a little, no major Monogram-wing-root-type gaps here.

The pistol case, cap and headphone brace are all molded individually and appear to be nice renderings. Care will need to be taken removing the headphone brace from its molding plug as it seems pretty fragile.

The figure is also supplied with a small section of Panzer III turret (including a partial cupola) on which to place the figure. A nice, ready made, display if this guy isn\'t gonna be riding around in your Tiger (or sitting in it if you built the static version.... I\'m holding out for a Tiger I E Late before pulling the pin on that deal).


In The End
Well, you have yet another German figure to build. This figure is a little different in that it offers a tanker in winter gear and a nice base. Dealing with the white coverall will be a fun (as they always are) but it looks like you\'ll end up with a nice figure. I\'ll give S&T the credit they deserve, they\'ve turned out some nice allied figures, I just wish more companies would hop on that wagon.

This figure is a little different in that it offers a tanker in winter gear and a nice base. Dealing with the white coverall will be a fun but it looks like you'll end up with a nice figure.
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 120mm
  Mfg. ID: STP16014
  Suggested Retail: $45 (USD)
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  PUBLISHED: Oct 11, 2002

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