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L.S.A. Models

LSA Models first saw the light of day in 1997 when the shop opened in Hove, East Sussex. It is situated on Sackville Rd, a hundred yards or so from the main railway line with the nearest station approximately one quarter of a mile away. Parking is not the easiest of tasks, one side of the road is for Permit Holders only and there is limited space on the shop side of the road.

However, once you enter the shop, the minor issues of parking are soon forgotten as your gaze is drawn to the packed shelves, boasting all the expected brands. Dragon, Tamiya, AFV Club, Academy, Italeri and Trumpeter to name a few. LSA is the sole importer for both Eduard and VLS products and carry a wide and varied range of these items.

The shop is split up into three rooms; the first room you enter is where all the Armour kits are kept on shelves lining the walls. As with many shops with limited space, all available space is used to display items, and it is not unusual to come across hard to find items in the many boxes that line the floor.

The second room, the back room, is where the proprietor, Jason usually lies in wait for any unwary customer who does not have full control over their wallet. In this room there are the usual paint displays, in this case Life Colour, Tamiya and a dwindling range of Humbrol paints. As well as the paints, there is a small selection of essential items such as super glue, knife blades, air brush cleaning fluid, paint brushes, all the items you would expect to find in a well stocked model shop.

That is not all though, Jason also has many after market items by manufacturers such as, DES, Azimut, Hobby Fan, Accurate Armour and CMK. If you are prepared to poke around the shelves in this room, there is a surprising amount stored here. For those who are car builders there is a shelf stacked with car kits and the odd motorcycle kit, but no ZX9s, much to my annoyance.

The final room is where the aircraft kits are stored, again all major manufacturers are featured here and LSA Models stock after market accessories for the aircraft, namely Eduard and Aires.

For anyone needing reference material, there are several boxes full of new and second hand books and magazines Both Jason and Matt, who also work at LSA Models, are keen modellers themselves, and are always willing to offer advice and tips, or just talk about the latest releases or a new technique and many modellers stop by for a quick chat.

LSA Models represents the kind of model shop that is fast disappearing from the town and city streets, the independent retailer who actually enjoys the same hobby that we do. LSA attends around 15 model shows a year, including EuroMilitaire and the Telford Nationals. Maybe the next time you attend one a show, and LSA are there, pop by and say hello, but make sure you keep a tight hold of your wallet, otherwise you may have a lot of explaining to do when you return home and your partner wants to know why you have so many boxes with you.
Shop Details
LSA Models
151 Sackville Rd
East Sussex
Tel (01273)705420
LHS WebSite
(Orders taken by E-mail)
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