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Posted: Friday, July 25, 2008 - 10:50 PM UTC
this is just an update of stuff i started before i went on holiday, but didn't find time to post up.
first up a fujimi 1/72 valentine tank, started as a filler kit, while i was waiting for bits to dry on other stuff i was building. needless to say its almost finished while the stuff i was waiting on isn't!

next up, some of you lot may remember the reasonably priced war of the worlds kits i bought at telford a couple of years ago
well i've made a serious start on the handling machine, the body is primed, filled and sanded, just needs another prime and check, then maybe i can start having some fun with alclads! the "cockpit" is something i'm quite chuffed with, having used some mesh that came as part of the packaging of a set of taps on a job i was working on and would have been thrown away til i noticed it. all i did was cut out a rough sized peice then glue it in stages around the "eye" piece

and finally the least finished kit, is a whirlybirds conversion of the airfix DH88 comet racer to how it looked when it was briefly in RAF service