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P-47 Modelling: Finished!
This topic group is for completed photos of your models.
A Weathered T-Bolt FSM April 2008
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Posted: Thursday, November 06, 2008 - 01:55 AM UTC
Hi Paul.
Its ok to post this here
The articles quite a good one, and the resulting finish is well worth the effort.

There are no plans for a techniques forum in the SIG as this is something that falls under the Aeroscale site and isnt P-47 specific.

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Posted: Thursday, November 06, 2008 - 12:05 AM UTC
I was going through some of my older model magazines when I ran across the April issue of FSM and found this article on weathering Natural Metal. ( Sorry Nige but there was no tecnique catagory).

A Modeller named Luciano Rodriquez built a P-47 from the 78th fighter group in 1/72 scale. The article is outstanding on the process and the overall effects are equally impressive. I may give this a try on mine for the fast approaching campaign.( If I don't chicken out)...

FSM won't let the pics be seen but here is the link to the issue you either have to log in to their site or subscribe to the magazine to see the pics.

[img] http://finescale.com/fsm/objects/images/fsm-cv0408_150.jpg [img]

Sorry again Nige if the wrong topic place, but a could a technique catagory be on the horizon?