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Scratchbuilders!: Armor/AFV
This is a group for armor scratchbuilding questions, topics and projects.
Hosted by Mike Kirchoff
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United States
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Posted: Sunday, May 05, 2002 - 08:13 PM UTC
Ah.... NOW I get it. I guess I thought concertina wire and barb wire was the same stuff. Judging by the pics... Yikes, I would never try to get over that stuff that's on the Abrams! Now I know the difference

Go Red Wings!!!
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Ohio, United States
Member Since: March 02, 2002
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Posted: Monday, May 06, 2002 - 06:08 AM UTC
Looks great! what did you use to make it???

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Hauts-de-Seine, France
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Posted: Monday, May 06, 2002 - 07:27 AM UTC
When walking or even skiing in the countryside I've had to crawl under or find a way through barb wire. But with that kind of concertina, believe me, I'de have definitely chosen the long way around the parcel !
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Utah, United States
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Posted: Thursday, May 09, 2002 - 05:21 AM UTC

Quoted Text

Looks great! what did you use to make it???

I picked up a role of plastic and fiberglass window screening at home depot. As stated in another post, make sure you don't get the weaved window screen because it will fall to pieces when you cut it.
Posted: Thursday, May 09, 2002 - 11:02 PM UTC
your efforts look great, just drybrush with steel and it will look perfect