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Historical Miniatures: World War II
This forum covers all aspects of historical miniatures depicting WWII.
1/72 MODELLTRANS-8 SS Kav.Div. Florian Geyer(
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Posted: Monday, June 04, 2012 - 11:07 PM UTC
Due to the fact that one of my favourite topics is the horse within WWII German Army, I intended to celebrate the launch of my website with this review.
However, because painting of two standard figs and horses and two other conversions took me much more, I had to delay it. For painting the horses I used a special method very time-consuming, using matt enamel in very thin layers butand before getting dry, polished with a brush in order to obtain a little shine appearance for better depicting the real horse skin. Likwise artistic oils were also used for both figs and animals.
The standard poses were painted in Oak-leaf camo and the conversions in Plane-tree. For conversions I used Preiser parts and to all horses I added reins from OBGrigoriev metal strips.
If interested, here there is the link to a review that I wanted to be special and it is accompanied by a much, much more images than the few posted here, some of them quite interesting...


I think this thread worth visiting and I hope you will enjoy it.

Cristian Florescu

Standard Poses



A couple of reference images....