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World of Tanks/War thunder campaing
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Posted: Wednesday, June 22, 2016 - 05:41 PM UTC
Well, the last campaign ran its course. Anyone interested in continuing the tradition?
I'd prefer to have it limited to these games as if we include all computer games virtually all models would qualify from Leonardo's wooden tank (and Warhammer) to Warhammer 40k. Not a bad thing per se but too wide range takes away the focus of the campaign. Better to have it limited to WWI(ish) to early Cold War. In-game modifications, prototypes encouraged.

Perhaps let it run for a year or so. One reason is that I realized it might be useful to have a long period. I missed the deadline for the submission for the last one, because I was out of country. A longer run would lessen the risk of this happening to anyone. (Only brought up my personal experience to justify the long run, not to complain )

The new kid in the block (Armored warfare) can have its own campaign; there are incredibly interesting AFVs in that game as well.