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VideoAviation: LAU-32
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Posted: Saturday, April 01, 2017 - 07:40 PM UTC

LAU32 is an aluminium cylindrical 7-tube reusable rocket launcher with a non-removable aerodynamically shaped front and a removable rear fairing designed for fixed wing aircraft use.
The tube arrangement is a central tube surrounded by six equally spaced ones.
There are two LAU32 rocket launcher models currently available.
LAU 32 MOD 4 equipped with a removable detent FZ81 for firing FFAR rockets
LAU 32 MOD.5 equipped with a removable universal dual purpose detent mechanism FZ125 for firing FFAR and WA rockets
All LAU32 launchers are fitted with an electronic intervalometer, which provides a 40 ms or 60ms rocket firing time interval. Also, each launcher front section is provided with a front fairing used for protection during supersonic flight and adverse weather conditions.

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