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Real Spacecraft
Discuss actual spacecraft either past, present or future (prototypes).
Hosted by David Myres
Revell Mercury Atlas
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Kansas, United States
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Posted: Wednesday, March 27, 2019 - 07:02 AM UTC
I've been working on this (along with some others) as a centerpiece for a display for our summer reading program.(This year's theme is "space") Hopefully, it and the others will inspire some kid to take up the hobby or at least generate interest in the subject. This has been a great nostalgic project. I've really enjoyed this old girl. I'm getting down to the fiddly bits and plumbing. [img]https://gallery3.kitmaker.net/data/500/thumbs/atlas4a.jpg" BORDER="0">[/img]
[img]https://gallery3.kitmaker.net/data/500/thumbs/atlas6a.jpg" BORDER="0">[/img]
[img]https://gallery3.kitmaker.net/data/500/thumbs/atlas5a.jpg" BORDER="0">[/img]
[img]https://gallery3.kitmaker.net/data/500/thumbs/atlaswork1.jpg" BORDER="0">[/img]
[img]https://gallery3.kitmaker.net/data/500/thumbs/atlaswork2.jpg" BORDER="0">[/img]
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Posted: Wednesday, March 27, 2019 - 07:32 AM UTC
Excellent work, and what a terrific idea for a Library! I’m impressed that you are bringing models into the learning environment— yet another way to productively use our hobby. I too am putting the finishing touches to this ancient Revell model. It was first released in 1959 as an Atlas Missile, then upgraded in 1962 as the Mercury-Atlas in the “Everything is Go! boxing in honor of John Glen’s launch to orbit the Earth. There are a lot of inaccuracies in this kit though, but it still builds into a very nice display. The LVM studios Launch Utility Tower 14 (LUT) will transform this kit into a more accurate model, but they are hard to find. I’m just impressed that someone is tackling this old kit, and your work is excellent. Please post some photos of your display. I recently purchased a copy of Life Magazine’s February 1962 issue with John Glen on the cover, just to display with my model—that would be a great way to display it in your library too, or with a copy of “The Right Stuff”!! Keep up the great work!!
VR, Russ