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Brat III - Inside, Outside (TNT)
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Posted: Wednesday, July 31, 2019 - 09:06 AM UTC
The BRAT keeps on rolling! Well, not physically, since I havenít done the wheels and tires yet, but itís metaphorically well on its way!

One part of cars I really like is the interior, and while itís simple, the old AMT Brat has some nice detailing. The texture of the carpet and the detail on the door panels and seats is great; itís a bit too bad it isnít going to be more visible! Still, Iíve had a good time building it, and Iím glad that I cut the bucket separate from the bed. Best move ever.

Iíve also got the paint on, and that meant it was time to look at the decals. Since this is an original BRAT, not the reissue, I donít have that super-nice looking new sheet to work with. I had a scan of it, but thatís cheating, and I wanted to make the originals work. WOWÖ thatís quite a fight!

Check out the ups, downs ins and outs at the link below! Despite what it looks like, I think things are getting close!