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Campaigns: Mud, Sweat, & Gears
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Hosted by Richard S.
M8A1 Cargo tractor almost finished
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Donegal, Ireland
Member Since: May 14, 2002
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Posted: Sunday, May 29, 2005 - 09:44 AM UTC
Finally heading into the final stages with this kit. Just spare tracks, machine gun and some tie-down ropes left to add. Base is almost ready and figure is primed.
Just some quick pics to show the finished vehicle which ismy entry in this campaign.
The stowage is from Italeri, Academy, Verlinden and St. George design.
Id like to give special thanks to Paul Rains (Nato308) for sending me these brilliant ration boxes. The detail is amazing, easy enough to assemble,card is the perfect thickness and the effect speaks for itself.
Click here for a review by Slodder of these ration boxes from St. george Design

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England - South East, United Kingdom
Member Since: January 11, 2003
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Posted: Sunday, May 29, 2005 - 10:43 AM UTC
Oh man, that's a real cracker Frank, and having also built this kit I can guarantee every other viewer that there's a heck of a lot of work gone into making it this good!!
May just have to rework mine, looks pretty awful compared to this one!
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Donegal, Ireland
Member Since: May 14, 2002
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KitMaker Network: 1,351 Posts
Posted: Sunday, May 29, 2005 - 11:14 AM UTC
Thanks a million Dave. Coming from somebody who has built this, means a lot. I have spent more time on this, than on any other vehicle to date. Glad it shows. The stowage really brings this life. When its added to its base and figure added, hopefully it will give it another boost.
You canŽt knock your own vehicle. YouŽd be surprised what some stowage thrown on, can do, to the overall effect. Theres nothing wrong with your build or paintwork, so maybe thats all it needs!.
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North Carolina, United States
Member Since: March 06, 2004
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Posted: Sunday, May 29, 2005 - 01:49 PM UTC
Cannot say enough about this one, especially the great job done on the stowage -- not just the individual pieces but the realistic-looking laydown of all the pieces.
Wonderful job !!!
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Visayas, Philippines
Member Since: September 01, 2004
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Posted: Sunday, May 29, 2005 - 02:07 PM UTC
Frank, stop taking pictures of the real thing and show us your model! :-) :-)

What a beautiful piece! The weathering is beautiful but what I like most is the individual pieces that are in the caro compartment. All of them looked so real! You really did the "sleight-of-had-trick" perfectly!

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Colorado, United States
Member Since: January 12, 2002
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Posted: Monday, May 30, 2005 - 02:40 AM UTC
Howdy Frank,

Whoaaa.........almost let this one get by me!

If I remember correctly, originally you and I were going to work kinda side-by-side on our 'Bluetank' specials...weren't we?

Even though I've gone off on some different tangents of late, I still would not have been able to keep up with your superb work on this beauty. And, seeing as I also am familiar with this particular kits 'shortcomings' I must stand with Dave on his comments regarding the sheer amount of work needed to create the Silk Purse our good Plasticbattle has created.

Your handling/weathering of the stowage is to be commended as well. I especially like items such as the compressed gas tanks, the rucksacks hangin' off the side, and the ol' Panasonic (if I try hard enough I can just hear Jimi playin' on the thing... ).
The addition of the mortars resting on the loading skid is an interesting choice, very clever.

Just so I am not found guilty of throwin' too many 'atta boys' at you, I'll toss in a few 'nits' for you consideration as well if you don't mind.....(just minor things that I can't make my mind stop thinkin' about)

In the 2nd and 3rd photo, your (barbed?) wire loop seems a bit too bright for the surrounding circumstance.
From what evidence of ground debris/leavings on the tracks and road wheels, the dozer blade (or at least the bottom edge) seems remarkably free of same.
The floor surfaces in the cargo areas are too pristine. Wear and tear/evidence of foot traffic there would be fairly prominent.
As I've said, I really like your compressed gas bottles, but considering the rather bumpy ride they were in for, there should be some evidence of vertical, slightly curving lines where the chains holding them in place would rub the paint off the sides of the bottles. (if you've ever looked at the back door of an aggregate semi trailer then you get the picture)
The rear deck (where the loading skid would be 'at rest') should look a whole lot 'rougher' considering this portion of the vehicle received a lot of action.

You've done a bang-up job on this one Frank, one to be proud of.


Oh, BTW, I hope you understand that my 'nits' above are just simply things I saw. They are simply friendly suggestions that you are obviously more than welcome to completely ignore........
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Donegal, Ireland
Member Since: May 14, 2002
entire network: 9,763 Posts
KitMaker Network: 1,351 Posts
Posted: Monday, May 30, 2005 - 10:54 AM UTC
Thanks John, Angela and Gordon. Appreciate the kind words.
As for nit-picks .... Im old enough and ugly enough to handle them. :-) Actually, I appreciate them just as much.
Weathering issues, like dirt on the floors and dozer blades ... thats not forgotten. I purposely leave this until the vehicle is secure on the base and weather them together. This ties the vehicle to the base and gives a good union,
The rear deck has quite a bit of chipping and rusty washes already, but maybe with filters and possibly the lighting, they donŽt come across in these pictures. IŽll probably add to them, to make sure, wear is clearly visible in this area.
The barbed wire is not as shiny in reality. It has not been dull-coted so gives a brighter shade of silver than it is .... another wash wont harm it though!
Good call on the chain marks on the gas tubes.Thats one I hadnŽt realised. IŽll definately add that.
Great tips Gordon. All these points will be addressed before the final pics are made!
Thanks again!
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Queensland, Australia
Member Since: October 07, 2002
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Posted: Monday, May 30, 2005 - 01:17 PM UTC
Frank I almost missed this fantastic model. Your skill with building and painting is superb and this model shows it very well.

Congrats on a good job.