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MSW Artist Profile~Peter Fulgoney

"The Model Shipwrights (http://modelshipwrights.kitmaker.net/) Artist Q&A is a monthly feature. Its an interview with artists of the ship modelling world. These artists may include sculptors and painters; commercial and private modellers; well-known and lesser-known artists. Whoever they may be, the artists featured in Model Shipwrights Artist Q&A are highly respected members of our global community; people who have greatly influenced our world in their own way. As we honour these artists with this humble Q&A and photo feature, they honour us by sharing a piece of their world."

Q and A. . .

About me
Q. [Tell us a bit about yourself. Your age? Where do you live? Married? Kids? Your job? Your other hobbies and interests?]

A. "I work in Chatham for a premium house building company as their regional architect responsible for layout design, and composition of street scenes, and place making using various housing forms, enhanced with quality materials. I have been working for house builders for a number of years, coming from my own private architectural practice.

Obviously, Architecture is my first interest which brought me to ship building, and the form and dynamics of large metal floating objects. This is very much akin to building design with glass and steel being represented in most of my ship subjects. Awnings, and timber decks are very well portrayed in both Architectures.

One thing that ship building has also done for me is to create a better understanding of worldwide history surrounding the areas of study. This research side of the hobby has led to me expanding my library of references but I now realise that even a great resources will never cover the subject entirely."

Earliest modelling moment
Q. [Tell us about both your earliest modelling moment, and your earliest ship modelling moment.]

A. "My first era of model building was like most other people starting with Airfix, and then moving on to other brands when the Airfix catalogue had been exhausted. This included everything they did up until about the time when they brought out the QE2, I had finished by then."

Do you remember the first time ship subjects appealed to you?
Q. [Tell us about when ship modelling in general, starting appealing to you above other modelling genres.]

A. "Airfix brought out the Hood, and Bismark, and these made up very well as did the wooden ship HMS Royal Sovereign which was a superb kit for its time. I also made up all the Eagle kits of small scale waterline ships but that was some time ago."

Who or what inspires your ship modelling?
Q. [Tell us who, what or where do you draw your ship modelling inspiration from? This may include reference books, other artists, etc.]

A. "Some of the better quality waterline kits brought me back to the hobby. The Tamiya Junyo was a good start and it was interesting to see the greater detail and accuracy that these kits had together with a number of aircraft which I particularly like.

The history of these ships, and finding out things I had never known about them before made the subject more appealing, then I discovered the resin ship kit market, and although some of the price ranges are high, the subjects are interesting enough for the expenditure."

The best thing about ship modelling
Q. [Tell us about what, in your opinion, is the best thing about ship modelling.]

A. "I have always liked the friendship between modellers. No one has a bad word to say, and they are forever helpful. All the guys have talent in their own style and again this is what makes the interpretations so absorbing."

The worst thing about ship modelling
Q. [Tell us about what, in your opinion, is the worst thing about ship modelling.]
A. "I have time restrictions, and tend not to spend all my leisure hours doing the same thing. This slows down an already slow process, which is almost a standstill at super detailing stages. Its difficult to see progress but its only by adding detail to the detail that animates the final model."

Favourite modelling era/period
Q. [Tell us about your all time favourite modelling era/period. Why do you prefer this period above others?]

A. "My newest interest is the predreadnought, and the WW1 period which is well supported by most of the manufacturers. When Im done, I will move on. There are a number of WEM kits I have ready to build.

Favourite modelling competition to enter
Q. [Over the years, which has been your favourite competition to have entered? And why?]

A "Im not ready to enter competitions yet as I need to reach a better standard.

Most prized award ever won
Q. [Which has been the most prized, or precious, award you have won? Note that this need not be the most prestigious award you have won.]

A. "The friendship in the model makers society.

Favourite modelling things
Q. [Tell us about your all time favourite modelling things. Examples of these may include tools, reference materials, or particular ship or ship model kits. Basically anything related to ship modelling.]

A. "I guess its always the latest build. This is because Im trying to improve my skills all the time. At the moment Im working on the BattleFleetModels harbour dio which I enjoy very much. This will lead on to the BFM C2 transporter which will form part of a Battle of the Atlantic dio with my friends at Telford this year.
Also, I like the better reference books such as the Raven Roberts publications, and RAB."

Favourite modelling purchase/ship kit
Q. [Tell us about your all-time favourite modelling purchase or ship model.]

A. "All the BattleFleetModels kits are my favourite. Im very pleased with the harbour dio, and it makes me wonder if I should build another single ship presentation???"

Best recent modelling/ship kit purchase
Q. [Tell us about the best modelling or ship kit purchase you have made recently.]

A. "The C2 transporter will be next, and I will enhance that with some bulky cargo scratch building!"

How do you evaluate the present situation of the ship kit and its future?
Q.[What is your assessment of the current state of the ship kit industry and its future?]
A. "Theres a very big future with subjects for builds, and quality. This is a growing business how will it all end?"

If you could paint or build a ship subject, what would it would be?
Q. [If you were allowed to paint or build a ship kit of any naval vessel, any time frame, nationality, etc., what would it would be? And why?]

A. "This is a very difficult question as when you finish your favourite build the latest it is replaced by the next. We therefore have big stashes, and still want more!"

Q. [If you were allowed to build and paint only one ship for the next year; which one it would be? And why?]

A. "Ive decide on the C2, so Im researching, and getting ready there is no other build scheduled."

Ship modelling no nos
Q. [Tell us about what you consider being the all-time modelling no nos. In other words what no respectable ship modeller should ever do.]

A. "Criticising or discouraging other modellers who are trying their best and are happy with their progress. The more people building, the better and we are always here to help."

Ship modelling secret
Q. [Go on, tell us one (or two) of your modelling secrets.]

A. "There are no secrets that I have, all the information is shared. Ive learnt this from fellow enthusiasts who are more rewarding than the hobby itself."
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About Mark R. Smith (Gunny)

I have been building models of all sorts all of my life, concentrating mainly on the coolest one's when I was younger, but now I focus directly on all military subjects, from armor to warships. After years of counting rivets, I put away the calipers, dial indicators, and micrometers and now just ha...


Awesome interview. Thanks for sharing Peter. Kenny
JUL 28, 2007 - 01:44 AM
Excellent Peter! Thank you so much for sharing with us so many delightfull details and also so many of your excellent models! Another great interview, Mark Cheers, Skipper
JUL 28, 2007 - 01:47 AM
Thank you Gunny for bringing this together, and Peter for sharing your modelling life with us. I just hope I can build to your standard one day. Ciao Luciano
JUL 28, 2007 - 08:48 AM
Thanks mates! I hope that we can bring many more like interviews to the pages of MSW! Cheers, ~Mark
JUL 29, 2007 - 09:42 AM
Another great interview about a great modeller! thanks for sharing Mark, Peter is certainly one of my favourites boat modellers i like his "Im not ready to enter competitions yet as I need to reach a better standard", this had got me Laughing Out Loud, i would have to be sent in a psychiatric hospital if I would attempt only a quarter of the precision of Pete's works
AUG 15, 2007 - 12:49 AM