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traditional csms saturday night dinner - by Costas & Engin
In Catania Show the Saturday night dinner is always a celebration, as is the last night before the end of the Show, most of work has already been done, the judging is finished and the preparation of the award ceremony is mostly completed.

It was a big U - shaped table dinner, with all the guests , members, friends, judges , families, everyone included somewhat around 50 persons ,engaging almost the whole restaurant ! Due to the extra demand, self-sacrifying hosts, Lorenzo and Maurizio had to sit on a seperate table with their families. The amounts and the quality of food and wine cannot be compared, and all I can say is ''Everyone has to eat sea food in Sicily once at least in his lifetime'' . The atmosphere was really highly celebrating, with a lot of jokes, and nice chatting. If there was a family so big, the whole picture would not have any difference, even if we all were from different countries and cities!
back to the heart of romeo - by Costas
Next day, morning of Sunday 9th was really more loose, with lots of fun, photographing, signing posters and fliers for memorabilia purposes. Afternoon of the day before the award ceremony, Engin, Ragip, Pietro Balloni, Diego Ruina, Maurizio Bruno and myself were invited for lunch by Lorenzo Romeo and his splendid wife Katerina at their home. First ; we visited the Romeo Store and Secret Laboratory of Lorenzo, the place where the Romeo figures come to life. We had the chance to see and discuss new products on production stage. As I have mentioned this before on my first Catania visit article, please read To the heart of Romeo to know more about Romeo Models. The lunch was perfect with Katerina's cooking of local foods and lasagna. We had a very nice afternoon that caused us also a delay of half an hour while arriving the hall were the award ceremony would take place.
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About Engin Kayral (Graywolf)

Born in 1962,married and having 2 sons. I started modelling about 8 years old building USS Fletcher with mom. It was a model dad brought from USA., I think in those days only a few people in Turkey had info on scale model kits. Grown as an AF officer son , I built many aircraft models in years. Som...


Rudi i passed Nefeli the congrats, and she is really too proud !!!!! Algu next time you must be there !!!!!
DEC 27, 2007 - 01:59 AM
Great stuff guys. Thank you for the article, I really enjoyed reading it and it felt like I was there with you two... It is really a special thing that two of our own HFM figure gurus have been selected as judges on such a big show. You should be proud. Congrats to your young one, Costas! Good to see your "figure" genes found their way to your daughter... Mario.
DEC 27, 2007 - 07:33 AM
Thanks a lot Maki for your commnets. I wish she will still like it as growing up .
DEC 28, 2007 - 06:20 PM
Wow... now this is a Show Report! You both have really outdone yourselves on previous reports. Thanks for the insight into this show and all that went on there. Really great job! (and a nice x-mas present) Cheers, Jim
DEC 30, 2007 - 08:03 AM
though for different reasons as yours i really like your "Some people tend to say to me , “you are just painting toy soldiers, nothing more”. Well I have to inform you that is not exactly like that. " Hey, nice in depth article I must say, huge work but really great to know all those little side details I really like 2 scenes there: the first one with the French (?) Black Tirailleurs, and the second one, the Isla etc... can't remember the name of that famous British defeat against the Zulu! thanks for sharing!
JAN 02, 2008 - 05:50 AM
Hi guys, Going through the pics again now that I have a faster connection (back at work) and really enjoying the article even more this time round... quick question though... This piece really caught my eye (how could it not) and was wondering who manufactures it? http://photos.kitmaker.net/data/20964/cat63.jpg Not showing pic as it may offend some folks... Rudi
JAN 02, 2008 - 06:14 PM
Rudi , i was sure that you d like this one . Is an 80mm piece from Andrea Miniatures RUDI'S dream
JAN 02, 2008 - 06:59 PM
Thanks bro. Love that Harpy... but ouch... 44 EUR is a bit too much for me right now Maybe one day....
JAN 02, 2008 - 07:34 PM
Possibly the best, in depth article yet published on the kitmaker website. I started out attempting to quickly 'have a look' with the intent of actually 'reading' it later. First page I was hooked. The subject, the personalities, the show, behind the scenes (not even mentioning the miniatures themselves) All tied together with a flowing commentary. One can tell the love and passion that Costas and Engin have for this subject. Congratulations to the both of you for a fine piece of work. If there were a contest for articles submitted, this one gets my vote. Cheers, Charles
JAN 09, 2008 - 02:52 AM
Charles thanks alot for your compliments The pleasure was ours tobe there and prepare the article !!
MAR 17, 2008 - 12:12 AM