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Focke-Wulf Ta 154 Moskito

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Here is my Dragon Ta 154 A-0. I finished the model in the markings of the pre-series used in the “Erprobungskommando” in Langenhagen. in Summer 1944.

The model was built with following updates:

• Cockpit photo-etched parts from Eduard

• Resin cockpit and nose landing gear from CMK

• FuG 220 from Schatton

Really good in this Kit is that you can choose between six different airplanes. You can built the V-Variants and the A-0 Series. Before I used the resin cockpit I had to fit the fuselages. This step is also necessary in the nose landing gear area. Using CMK and Eduard parts I upgraded the model and I was very happy with it.

Additionally, I added the parts from the Eduard set for the wheel well and the open ladder on the port side. I also used the Schatton FuG 220 set for the “Hirschgeweih” in the front of the night fighter. With all these parts the Model looks really realistic!

The exhausts pipes have also been fitted with parts from the Eduard set.

Painting and Weathering
First, Gunze-Sangyo RLM 76 was sprayed overall, followed by RLM 75 mottling. I did not mask the camouflage pattern because with the combination of Gunze colours and Harder&Steenback Evolution airbrush you can achieve very fine transitions.

After that, I sprayed Tamiya gloss and attached the decals. All weathering (panel lines, oil stains etc) was achieved using grey oil colours. The soot from the exhausts and guns I sprayed with airbrush. Here I used heavily thinned red brown-black mixed colours for post-shading. After that I also post-shaded all the panel lines and hatches. Finally, everything was sealed with Polyscale flat and all small parts like antennas and wire were fitted.
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About the Author

About Oliver Peissl (Erlawerke)


Excellent model. and I would like to repeat thye questions i have asked also in another thread: which equipmlent did you use for airbrushing this plane. and how did you do the photography. Needless to say that these are the aspects that I am concentrating on at the moment to improve my own skills
FEB 17, 2008 - 09:57 PM
Hello, I did airbrush with the Evolution from Harder&Steenback Airbrush and used Gunze colors The mottles where brushed without any masks.. Pictures where taken outside with the Fuji S6500
FEB 21, 2008 - 09:20 PM