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Campaign Wrap-up: Military Small Craft

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"Join me in a wrap-up of our latest closing group build event, our "Military Small Craft" Campaign!"

the beginning...
It all started back in April of 2007, we launched a Campaign This Campaign celebrating the importance of the military small craft, in this instance the Patrol Torpedo Boat (PT-Boat), a small, fast vessel used by the United States Navy, Royal Navy, and the German Kriegsmarine in World War II to attack larger surface ships.

These tiny warships were used in nearly every theatre in WWII, from The Atlantic, the English Channel,and the Mediterranean, to the South Pacific, the Aleutians and the Philippines.

From the early Allied Elco's to the Axis Schnellboot's, members were urged to join up and help us commemorate the days of the " Wooden Boats and Iron Men"!

The Rules and Regs of the campaign were as follows:

1) Any PT type vessel (torpedo's/torpedo tubes/torpedo launching) can be built in any scale, actual or fictional, from any nation and from any time period. All media types from plastic to resin, wood to fibreglass are permitted.

2) Your build can stand alone or be included in a diorama depicting any activity you would like, as long as at least one PT Type Boat is included in the diorama.

3) All skill levels are encouraged to participate, and may range from out of the box to total scratch builds.

4) At least one build must be completed by the end date of this campaign (multiple builds are encouraged).

5) In-progress photo's are highly encouraged (what better way is there to experience each others builds!).

6) The most important rule of all, HAVE FUN!

There was a nice turnout of initial entrants, 55 in all, and we had a lively discussion folowing along as we all built our vessels...the campaign was originally slated to run until October 28. 2008, to give plenty of time to builders with big ideas, and as with some of our campaigns go, a few of us needed a bit more time, in which an extension was granted for the campaign, which made the new ending date of 11/30/08.

in the end...
The campaign officially closed on November 30. 2008, with a final tally of 11 finished models and modelers as follows:

Beefy66 (Keith Richardson) with his Airfix E- Boat and Revell PT 117

Frigate (Bruce Simard), with 1/350th scale WEM early MTB

Gator (Kenny Loup) with the CSS David

gbkirsch (Gary K) with the Vosper MTB

luftwafflein with his Vosper Perkasa

Marcelo Genu (Marcelo Silva) with his S-100

muddyfields (Shaun Symonds) with a zebra camo PT174 Elco

Murdo with his Airfix 1/72 Vosper MTB

Red4 (Matthew Quiroz) with his 1/72 Airifx RAF rescue launch

Tiger101 with his M.T.M. Barchino

winks147 with his S-100

the models...

To all entrants and campaign supporters, MSW gives you a BIG THANK YOU!
Mark R. Smith (Gunny)
Managing Editor
  • S100 Class Action In The Channel
  • Vosper MTB
  • MTM Barchino
  • 1/72 Revell Schnellboot  S-100 Klasse by Marcelo Genuino
  • CSS_David1
  • Vosper_039_Medium_
  • Picture_1362

About the Author

About Mark R. Smith (Gunny)

I have been building models of all sorts all of my life, concentrating mainly on the coolest one's when I was younger, but now I focus directly on all military subjects, from armor to warships. After years of counting rivets, I put away the calipers, dial indicators, and micrometers and now just ha...


now that is one sweet model, great weathering, painting, very well done, love it. malc.
FEB 25, 2009 - 10:21 PM
Yes Malcolm,Karl did an excellent job getting this together . Done a marvelous job on the paint and weathering . Such a big beast of a model to build The barrel is really intimidating and I like it Well done Karl. Cheers Michael
FEB 25, 2009 - 10:49 PM
Very nice work Karl. I'm really impressed by the quality of the photos as well. Rudi
FEB 25, 2009 - 10:58 PM
Excellent work Karl, thanks for sharing that with us all. Like your camo job and weathering, came out well. Cheers - Tim
FEB 25, 2009 - 11:05 PM
Nice work Karl and great to see this one added to the On Display area.
FEB 26, 2009 - 03:02 AM
very nice OD karl!! thanks for sharing
FEB 26, 2009 - 03:18 AM
A great looking model Karl. Nice detailing and awesome paint finish as well. Job well done dude. Rob
FEB 26, 2009 - 03:23 AM