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Last Befhlspanzer VI ausf B

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About the Author

About Pawel RZYMSKI (spitfire303)


Heb deze een hele tijd gevolgd op de main site, het verhaal alleen al spreekt me aan. De afwerking is prachtig opgebouwd en uitgevoerd. Bedankt om delen. Grt Nico
FEB 12, 2009 - 10:05 PM
Ook ik vind hem zeker geslaagd, op de tracks na. Ik vind veel modder soieso niet zo mooi en dus is dat persoonlijke smaak, maar toch doe ik het hem niet na!!
FEB 12, 2009 - 10:30 PM
Grote klasse dit model! Een echte inspiratiebron zoals jurrie zegt.
FEB 13, 2009 - 12:19 AM
Dit was één der belangrijkste topics van de afgelopen maanden op big A. De bouwer verdient alle eer, zeer verzorgd topic ! Maar wat veel en vele belangrijker is, deze collega weet perfect waar ie mee bezig is, met een razend realistisch model voor gevolg. Dus OD was een must ! G.
FEB 14, 2009 - 07:10 PM
Prachtig voertuig, enkele bemerkingen de "koperdraad" komt nog door (blinken van de 'roestige "kabel ) bescherming van uitlaat R, is "missing", maar doorwat, inpact?schade? hoe dan dat de jerrycans ongeschoden ernaast hangen? de "cleaning rods" voor het kanon, roest!!!! hoe verzinnen ze het, wie gaat nu zijn loop reinigen met een roest voorwerp? wat ik ook raar vond, maar dat kan een info probleemke zijn, is de beschermingsplaten op het achterdek,terwijl de ventilatoren slechts beschermd worden door een "grille". wel mooi verweerd greetz
FEB 14, 2009 - 10:27 PM
ehhh, Hi I used a free on-line translator to see what you guys are saying so the general impression is that you like it. Tha Pit, I would really like to discuss the things you pointed out butfor that I would need to fully understand the phrases. translation of your reply I got... "Splendid vehicle, some remarks the purchaser wire still comes by (to shine of the rusty cable) protection of exhaust R, is missing, but doorwat, inpact? damage? how then that the jerrycans hang ongeschoden? the cleaning red for the gun, rust!!!! how do it, which will be clean now course with a rust object, invent them? what I also strange found, but that can an information probleemke be, is the protection plates on the afterdeck, whereas the aerators are only protected by grille. however, nicely defended" thank you all and will be happy to discuss anything but ... in English please cheers spit
FEB 15, 2009 - 11:29 AM
reply in english will not be a problem, but I didn't think of it because it was a post on a Dutch speaking forum, but no problem, i'll explain myself the wire , probably "the camo wires", are they made of copper? I see some shine on some parts of the cable, could also be some light playing with the lens, or my screen going nuts . the cleaning rods on the side of the tank, they look good but why have rusting rod to clean your darlings tube with (not much cleaning is going to be done , as there are some pieces missing) the exhaust cover, it has been removed? or damaged? as the camo came after the base yellow,how can it be green? if it has been removed, shouldn't the bolts be damaged? and the jerrycans on the back, if you'd place them other side up, they would hold more water ,and be removable, now you'd have to turn your arm to get a good grip . and , never ever trust an online translator, they were all programmed by chinese chipmunks, otherwise you'll get info like on the old Trumpeterboxin' , LOL hope you aren't offended greetz
FEB 16, 2009 - 02:17 AM
thank you for your translation, I thought using an on-line translator was better than nothing yes it's the cooper wire, I think there maybe few places where the bare metal is visible a little bit, I "corrected" the cables after putting them on the vehicle (that's when some pigment and paint went off in few places) but without a flash it's not visible so I could miss some places.... yeap, let's say it was my "artistic'" vision for this model... don't really know I was just watching a picture of a late KT I have and saw this, I thought it was a very rare feature so I just made it like on the picture. Sorry but the base colour of this vehicle is olivgrun not dunkelgelb the bolts I created with plastic rods don't have heads and some of them are missing on the left hand side, I don't know what I could do more, if you have any ideas give me a clue well, once again I used a real picture as reference so... not at all, I like a constructive discussion. all pictures I refer to and the build log maybe seen HERE spit
FEB 17, 2009 - 09:38 AM
ok, nice reply, strange to put the jerry cans like that, but hé , you got foto to prove it, so I'll shut up green being the base colour, mm, I've read about it, but i have my own view on that matter, it's too long to post here, just be boring to the other hé , hé, you must be the first not to be offended by me (damn , I'll have to try even harder,..bummer ) greetz, keep checkin out the forum, and why not join the French campaign,La grande bataille, or maybe some of your friend would like to build some frenchie or early german, greetz Tha Pit
FEB 19, 2009 - 06:09 AM
Great model Spit, Just one more thing about these, the height of the enginedeck is about 1,8 metres, so I guess the crewmember lowered them from above. Then it's easier with the grip on the tankside and while the tap is waterproof, you won't loose any water. Peter
FEB 19, 2009 - 08:01 AM