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The Much Maligned Italeri HMMWVs


Revell of Germany Boxed HMMWVs

Revell of Germany re-boxed the Italeri kit with new parts for the 2-door and cargo compartment. The Revell of Germany kits verify the existence of a third, intermediate modified mold. The molds used have the newer modifications with the six oval indents on the chassis sides and the soft-top type hood grill. The chassis is missing the crew compartment air vent grill on the right side though.

HMMWV M998 Cargo/Troop Carrier #03013

The M998 in this configuration is the typical “First Sergeant” variant. Many of these savvy senior NCOs have since added the rear canvas cover or built some type of plywood cover on the cargo compartment. The soft-top and troop seats are nicely done and even include the metal cargo bulkhead. This part is molded with the back of the soft-top cover and the “B” pillar is not included, so a topless variant can’t be built out-of-box. Also missing is the troop strap that runs along the rear of the cargo compartment and antennas (Top’s gotta have comms!). The kit does include the correct three-holed bumper and an optional brush guard. There are four decal options, all for USAREUR vehicles in the 3-color NATO pattern.


HMMWV M1038 Cargo w/Canvas #03027

The M1038 is a better deal than the M998 kit. The M1038 comes with both the cargo cover and the troop seats. It does not include the 3-holed bumper and brush guard of the M998 kit. Instead, it includes an antenna and mount as well as the recovery winch. As with the M998 kit, the M1038 kit includes four decal options for USAREUR vehicles in the 1990s. The vehicle pictured above is the exact HMMWV that I was assigned while an observer/controller (OC) during REFORGER 90, the great “Nerf Ball War”. The white sign with “16” was my umpire team.

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