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The Much Maligned Italeri HMMWVs


Tamiya Hummer with M242 Bushmaster #35143

Some of you are wondering, “What is this kit doing here?” The lineage of the Tamiya HMMWV is the Italeri kit. It is a “one-of” prototype that was not accepted into service and the prototype was reconverted back into the standard HMMWV. For this reason, there are not many reference photos of the vehicle. The interior of the kit has the same faults as the older Italeri HMMWVs and since there are no photos of the Bushmaster interior readily available, it is difficult to determine the accuracy of the M242 mount. The bumper is the incorrect four-holed version, but photographs of the actual vehicle show that the chassis does not have the six indents on the frame. The doors, however, do not match the early prototype pattern shown on photographs in the references listed below. Decals are provided for a 3-color NATO scheme US Army vehicle or a desert camouflaged USMC vehicle. This mean looking Hummer is a good kit for the “what if” crowd and is becoming rare, even after its recent re-release.


Although not the best HMMWV kit ever made, the Italeri kits are the only ones readily available and except for the Avenger (still under $20), are relatively inexpensive. They look best when built buttoned up since this hides the sparse interior. Some of the criticisms of earlier Italeri HMMWV kits did not fall on deaf ears and they did make several modifications to the molds. I recommend most of the kits as fun builds that are good for the novice armor builder or a cross-over kit for the car modeler.

Model List

  1. Italeri M998 Hummer #247, OOP

  2. Italeri M998 HMMWV Desert Patrol Hummer #249

  3. Italeri Special Forces Stinger Hummer #254, OOP

  4. Italeri Commando Hum-V #273

  5. Italeri M-1036 HMMWV with TOW Launcher #369

  6. Italeri Hummer Avenger #6387

  7. Testors M998 Hummer #830, OOP

  8. Revell of Germany HMMWV M998 Cargo/Troop Carrier #03013

  9. Revell of Germany HMMWV M1038 Cargo w/Canvas #0389

  10. Tamiya Hummer with M242 Bushmaster #35143


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  2. Hummer The Next Generation, Michael Green, MBI Publishing Company

  3. Hummer Humvee in Action, Jim Mesko, Squadron/Signal Publications

Recommended Readings

  1. Verlinden Warmachines #7, M998 HMMWV “Hummer”

  2. Hummer” Workhorse of the Army, Concord Publications

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