Mitko from DN Models has posted a review on the various nippers that can be found and that he recommends.

Picking the right nippers for scale modelling is not an easy task. On the market, there are many options, featuring various qualities, features and flaws. This is my perspective on the matter, sharing my experience while building my second modelling bench. Prices mentioned in the video vary. The ones I am quoting are the ones I have paid and according to my local availability. Depending on whether you are in US, EU or Asia, you can get different offerings. Here's the tools that I recommend: General Purpose Cutters -These are for cutting sprues, chains, resin & more:

This is the set from which I took the blue handles in the video:

Plastic parts cutters: Cheap range - Nanye and Nanye-like:

Mid-range: Master Tools (Trumpeter) 09968 -

High-end range: Tamiya 74035 -

Tamiya 74123 -

Best Nippers Ever (IMHO) -

My other Best Pick (Not shown in the video, used on my other bench) -

I believe every serious modeler should have either DSPIAE or GodHand just for the pleasure of using those. Tamiya are wonderful tools, which I also highly recommend and also trust, that are a must. I'll be more than happy if this video helped you!

Nippers for Scale Modeling - Cheap, Mid-, High-end & Best?



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