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  South Carolina, United States

Occupation: USAF Contractor
Interests: Golf, History and playing with my grandkids
Username: ArthurSC


About ArthurSC
My first model was a WW I four stack destroyer, the maker I have long forgotten but the ship I will always remembered. This was about 1960 and my grandfather was working on the naval base at Pensacola Fl. After that I was hooked on building and have never given up trying to make better models. I have been in the Air Force for 30 years working F-4ís to F-16ís, and now as a contractor continue to work with flight crew training. I just recently returned to ships after a long departure, and love building figures mostly in 120mm scale. My eyes are just not as good as they used to be. My work and love of history has taken me many places around the world which has provided many unique opportunities to see the places and touch the work of ancient craftsmen. My current projects include building the primary ships of the Charleston fleet during the 1860-1865 period. Living so near Charleston provides a great deal of inspiration.

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