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About BravoTwoZero
I am long time scale modelling enthusiast. I have to confess that I am more of a kit collector than a builder. I'm hoping to change that by slowly chipping away at my stash, which started accumulating in 1992 when I first moved from the Philippines to the USA. As a kid in Manila, I used to build models to play/reenact war games with them. As I got older I wanted to make them look authentic. My heroes were and still are Shepard Paine and Francois Verlinden. I would pore over pictures of their works. Now, there are so many talented modelers around the world. It is just mind boggling what they can do! I am so glad that internet via sites like KitMaker has allowed us like minded persons to be able to connect on a global basis and enjoy the world of scale modelling.

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8x8 MkII Award:
Batle of Leyte Gulf (October 23-26 1944): This award signifies this person completed the Battle of Leyte Gulf Campaign
France 1940 Ribbon: This award signifies that this builder has completed the France 1940 Campaign
Improve your figures award ribbon: This ribbon is awarded to the brave souls who have endured the trials of figure building, completing the
Jeeps Campaign:
MBT Campaign ribbon: This ribbon signifies that the recipient has successfully completed the 2018 MBT Campaign
Trumpeter 2 Award:
Trumpeter Award:
WWII Panther Tanks: