Texas, United States

Occupation: TSA Officer
Interests: computers/cats and my wife
Username: captfue


About captfue
Enlist USMC 1976, enlisted USArmy 1985, Commissioned in 1989, left the Army in 2003. Two colledge degrees in art, Married 21yrs. I like to scuplt my own figures out of scrap plastic rather than just buy someone elses and modify it.

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Autumn Bust Campaign 08: Awarded for completion of a painted bust for the Autumn Bust Campaign 2008 on Historicus Forma
Desert Campaign Award: This ribbon signifies that this user completed the Desert Camapign
Flags of Our Fathers: I used the Iwo Jima flag raising image on a red field. This was the inspiration for the campaign idea and even in miniature the image is unmistakable and captures the spirit of this campaign perfectly.

Legends of War: This virtual ribbon signifies that the member has successfully completed the Historicus Forma Legends of War figure campaign.
Lonely Are the Brave: Awarded for outstanding contibution to the Lonely are teh Brave Campaign.  Blood red stripes seperated by skyblue field.
Marine Corps Campaign Ribbon: This award signifies this person completed the Marine Corps Campaign.
Masters of Battle - 2007: This award signifies that the holder has successfully completed the Masters of Battle campaign, Historicus Forma, 2007.
Minimize III: The Minimize III ribbon is awarded for successful completion of at least one figure smaller than 1/35 scale.
Over The Top award ribbon: Award blue black white and gold bands
Stand Bold Award: This award signifies this person complete the Stand Bold Campaign.
TGT Ribbon: This ribbon shows that the modeller has completed the Tommy Gun Terror campaign.
The Golden Horseshoe: For valor and excellence in the face of equestrian subjects. The ribbon consists of a golden horseshoe mounted on a blue and yellow diagonally bisected field (in the form of the NATO map symbol for cavalry units).
The Max: Awarded for participating in the Maximize campaign on HF Dec 08 to March 09.