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  West Virginia, United States

Username: guitarlute101


My Awards

Blood Order of the Kiwi: The award signifies that the bearer did take part and complete the tasks assigned for the Wingnut Wings Group Build or 2009 - 10.  The wearer was known to be among the happy few that served together to hone their skills and offer encouragement to other team members.  With dedication did infact use every chance to put all that could be done into a good build.
Kights of the Sky II: The holder of this award is known to have stayed the course to sweep all competition from the field. That the project that had laid unfinished is done. The inprogress build was completed and the new project was daringly accomplished.
Luftwaffe 1946:
Stripes in the sky: For completion of the stripes campaign
Two Seater Campaign: This ribbon shows that the individual completed the Campaign
When I flew with. . .: When I Flew with . . .