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Built my first model when I was 5 years old. I saw it at the drugstore where my Mom was filling a prescription, and HAD to have it. It was a Red-Winged Blackbird, and had its own tiny little pallette of,I guess, enamel paints. Built it on my own, painted it, and pretty much never stopped after that. I built a really big model of the ocean liner Liberte' when I was 6, even had lights on the inside, my family was like, WTF? since none of them ever did it and nobody showed me how....somehow it just came naturally. After that I spent all of my allowance, every week, on models and paint, almost always car models until I went each summer to live with my grandparents, and they would buy the models for me, so then it was planes and tanks and ships and anything I could get my hands on! I built fully rigged sailing ships like the USS Constitution, the Cutty Sark, the Thermopylae...anybody remember those big old Monogram kits? Visible V-8, Visible Man, geez it was great growing up in the 60's!!! Later I got into music, was able to record albums and tour all over the world, but I'd still build *something* in my hotel room, (after all the groupies left of course!) For a lot of years it was mostly model railroad stuff, still love that hobby. In the late 90's, my beautiful girlfriend got cancer, and while she was in chemo and radiation, I had to find something to do to keep from going crazy...so I re-discovered kit building, with the help of the old rec.models.scale newsgroup, and have been doing it ever since, always trying to learn new skills and techniques, and new genres of modeling. That's why I joined Armorama, I want to learn how to emulate some of the great models , figures, and dioramas that have inspired me here.

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