About Us

KitMaker Network is a collection of scale modeling sites feature news, reviews, articles, and videos by scale modelers and scale modeling vendors and manufacturers. Some of the sites in our network include:

KitMaker has a Discourse powered forum, numerous social media platforms on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and a Discord community as well. 

We recently re-launched all our sites and forum on new platforms. If you are a past user of the sites, you will need a new login account to contribute content or post on our forums. However all our new logins support social media logins like Facebook and Google to make it super easy to access our sites. 

Contacting Us

If you need to reach out to us please view this page on our forums. We do get a lot of emails and many of our staff are volunteers, so please be patient if it takes a while to reply.

Vendor Advertising/Marketing

If you are a scale modeling vendor interested in promoting your products on our network we several ways to do that. We do offer in-house advertising on all our sites. For more information about advertising and marking opportunities we recommend joining our 'Verified Vendors" program on our forum. For more information visit: forums.kitmaker.net/vendors

If you are an SEO company looking to post articles with links, as a matter of company policy, we are not interested in those offers. 

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