Queensland, Australia

Occupation: Banking Officer
Interests: Model Trains and Road Cycling and Sculpting
Username: fanai


About fanai
I am an avid modeller but my main focus is figures as I am a wargamer,Model Trains in O scale 1/48 and now have commercial figures out under the R&J models logo in Australia. I have been painting figures since 1981 but it has not been since I meet Phil Walden that I have actually started to sculpt figures ( ones I always wanted to Paint & Build) I am an artist and I love doing different figures even doing a Teddy bear, and a series of Dwarves and a complete Teddy bear Model train layout for my daughter. I also am a keen cyclist doing 100km/wk plus

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Capital Cruiser Campaign: Issued too those who participated and produced one or more models for this campaign in the time specified.
Civilian award: Award given to those who finished Civilians campaing: a non-military figures dedicated campaing.
Fantasy 2 Award: This award is given to those, who managed to finish their entries for Fantasy 2 Campaign
Fantasy Campaign Award: This award is given to those, who managed to finish their entry for Fantasy Campaign
Figures of 40K: This award signifies a successfu  completion of the Figures of 40K campaign held on Historicus Forma between 1 August and 31 October 2007.
Flags of Our Fathers: I used the Iwo Jima flag raising image on a red field. This was the inspiration for the campaign idea and even in miniature the image is unmistakable and captures the spirit of this campaign perfectly.

Garry's Tank Destroyers Ribbon: This award signifies this person completed Garry Beebe's Tank Destroyer Campaign
Legends of War: This virtual ribbon signifies that the member has successfully completed the Historicus Forma Legends of War figure campaign.
Marble Bust Award: Marble Bust award is given for completing at least one bust for From The Waist Up Campaign
Masters of Battle - 2007: This award signifies that the holder has successfully completed the Masters of Battle campaign, Historicus Forma, 2007.
Miniature Magic Ribbon: Awarded for the successful completion of the Miniature Magic Mission!
Minimize II Ribbon: The Minimize II ribbon is awarded for successful completion of at least one figure 40mm or smaller.
Minimize III: The Minimize III ribbon is awarded for successful completion of at least one figure smaller than 1/35 scale.
Minimize ribbon: The minimize ribbon is awarded to those who successfully completed the minimize campaign.
On 2 wheels ribbon: This award signifies this person completed the On 2 wheels campaign
Pacific: rising sun
Quiet Professionals: This award signifies this person has completed The OPERATION QUIET PROFESSIONALS campaign
ShellofaMan: This campaign covered an armored suit theme.  It took it's inspiration from the Ma.K. SF3D kits.
Spahwagen Abteilung campaign award: This award signifies this person completed the Spahwagen Abteilung Campaign.
TGT Ribbon: This ribbon shows that the modeller has completed the Tommy Gun Terror campaign.
War Hammer 40K Support: This award is given to those who successfully participated in a combined dual site campaign.  ModelGeek and Historicus Forma paired up and focused on War Hammer Figures and Support armor.  The bearer of this ribbon completed the Support side.