Mitko from DN Models has posted a video review on the Gaahleri GHAD-39 Dual-Action Airbrush.

Gaahleri GHAD-39 Dual-Action Airbrush Review

Gaahleri Dual-Action Airbrush in this video is called GHAD-39 and feature two nozzle/needle sizes in its box - 0.35mm and 0.5mm.It has a tail stopper, a quick release, thorough instructions in English, tube of lube and two paint cups.You can get this airbrush for a very decent price here:

It is well worth the money, but if you are after precision painting and want the best airbrush IMHO, you should get this:

or, my favorite and also my daily driver for fine work:

For your introduction into the realm of airbrushing though, Gaahleri is a perfect contender. It will do perfectly fine job for most of the artists, modelers and most likely can be used in cosmetics and food industries too.



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