New Mega Set Special Effects !!

Special Effects Mega Paint Set

Introducing our Mega Paint Set - Special Effects, a treasure trove of 48 carefully curated paints designed to revolutionize your artistic expression. Dive into a world where acrylics, metallics, spider serums, liquid pigments, dipping ink paints, and more coalesce to fuel your creativity.

Immerse yourself in the rich, dynamic hues of our acrylic paints. These boast a seamless consistency, providing impeccable coverage and durability across various surfaces. Craft bold and enduring masterpieces that stand the test of time.

Experience the allure of our metallic paints, infusing your art with a captivating play of light. Add glamour and sophistication as these paints reflect and refract, bestowing a mesmerizing finish upon your creations.

Embrace the extraordinary with our spider serum, a unique concoction that weaves mystery into your artwork. Generate captivating textures and patterns reminiscent of spider webs, injecting depth and intrigue into your paintings.

For fluid art enthusiasts, our liquid pigments offer a gateway to boundless experimentation. Achieve mesmerizing abstract designs and unique color blends, allowing your creativity to flow unrestricted.

Precision meets artistry with our dipping ink paints. Ideal for intricate details and delicate accents, these inks add the finishing touches that elevate your artwork to new heights.

The Mega Paint Set - Special Effects transcends boundaries, offering endless possibilities to painters, crafters, and mixed media enthusiasts alike. Let your creativity take center stage as you blend, layer, and innovate to create pieces that authentically reflect your unique style.

Packaged in a stylish and durable case, this set isn't just a collection of paints—it's a gateway to creative exploration. Perfect for gifting, it's a thoughtful gesture for the artists in your life on birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion.

Embark on a journey where colors and effects intertwine, transforming your artistic visions into extraordinary works of art. The Mega Paint Set - Special Effects: Redefining the way you paint, one stroke at a time.

This starter set includes 48x 17ml dropper bottles with mixing balls as follows:

1700 Fluor lime
1701 Fluor Yellow
1702 Yellow-Orange
1703 Fluor Orange
1704 Fluor Red
1705 Fluor Rose
1706 Fluor Violet
1707 Fluor Blue
1760 Fluor White
1776 Fluor Turquoise
1656 Spider Serum
1657 Spider Serum Cleaner
2286 Orange Rust
2287 Light Rust
2288 Medium Rust
2289 Dark Rust
2290 Verdigris
2291 Turquoise Oxide
2292 Desert Earth
2293 Ochre Earth
2294 Light Earth
2295 Medium Earth
2296 Dark Earth
2297 Burnt Earth
2298 Black Soot
2299 White Dust
2300 Dark Industrial Dust
2301 Industrial Dust
2302 Dark Green Dust
2303 Light Green Dust
1718 True Blood 
1709 Coagulated blood
1890 Ork Blood
4147 Prince Tau Blood
4148 Demon Blood
2117 Liquid Frost
11947 Maxx Darth
2398 Bile
2399 Vomit
3506 Intensity Ink Osl White
2639 Maxx Matt
1744 Gloss Varnish
1878 Satin Varnish
1746 Master Medium
1749 Brush Retarder
9329 Brush Repair Gel
2327 Brush Cleaner
2019 UV Resin (Transparent)



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